Traumatic Brain Injury

"My son Bryan was in a motorcycle accident resulting in partial paralysis of the right side. He has now received over 1,150 hours of magnet therapy. After 100 hours, Bryan's speech was easier; at the 250 hour mark his leg showed more stability -

this was 12 years after the accident. Most recently Bryan is having feeling sensations in his right leg and arm at the joints.

Overall, Bryan's endurance has improved and maintained which is a definite daily positive."

Conditions Improved

  • Spasticity
  • Speech
  • Stability
  • Sensation
  • Endurance

Fast Facts:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury affects an estimated 5.3 million Americans
  • Over 1 million people will suffer TBIs this year; resulting in:
    • more than 50,000 deaths
    • between 70 and 90 thousand cases of long-term disability
    • Three leading causes of TBI are:
      • Motor Vehicle Crashes
      • Violence (mostly from firearms)
      • Falls, especially among the elderly
    • Men are at twice the risk of TBI than women
    • Age groups at risk: adulescents, young adults, seniors 75 +
    • TBI can affect a person three ways: cognitively, physically and emotionally.